Writer/Director Jay Jennings has been making movies since 1984. His features, shorts, and documentaries have played at film festivals all over the world, as well as, late-night cable, gaining Jennings cult status. His movies still play midnight screenings around the country and have covered many genres, including horror, sci-fi, occult, drama, film noir, and even comedy. His latest film, THE DEBT COLLECTOR (2017), is yet another homage to another era....the Grindhouse B-Movies of the 1970s.


VAMPIRE DINNER, combines elements of early 1970s Euro-horror, Roger Corman's "Poe" films, and the classic TV show, "Dark Shadows."

Jimmy and May (2014)

JIMMY AND MAY, is not your typical love story. When May commands Jimmy to make love to her, he is more than happy to oblige, but when the next morning arrives, May becomes completely unhinged, picking up a switchblade and repeatedly stabbing Jimmy. A breaking news story later appears on television. Not only has May stabbed Jimmy to death, but she has set his house on fire.


Don't be afraid! Just step behind the black curtains and witness the incredible displays of THE WEIRD MUSEUM. For half a century, the museum gave personalized tours of it's unique and bizarre artifacts, such as the skeletal remains of Count Dracula, eventually closing its doors in 1995.
Only eight minutes of footage was captured on an old VHS camcorder, as the museum's tour guide presented the strangest displays on earth. This short documentary was shot only a week before the museum closed it doors forever. It is known to be the very last tour.

LOAN$HARK (1999)

LOAN$HARK, was the first "shot-on-digital" gangster film and enjoyed critical acclaim at various film festivals from 1999-2000. To this day, it still plays at Midnight Movie screenings across the U.S.